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Knotti is a fashion label that specializes in combining traditional hand-knitted crafts with a modern twist. The main goal is to createultimate “timeless” knitwear that is stylish yet versatile enough as a closet staple. Each piece is unique, with a traceable story that reconnects the consumer with the producer. We work closely with talented home knitters in Hong Kong and allows them to work comfortably at home with flexible hours. The Knotti design team then adds finishing touches to each garment . Each piece is produced locally and take around 3 weeks to complete.

 Knotti uses only biodegradable yarn exclusively from KPC, a company that produces exceptionally high quality fibre at the most environmentally and ecologically-responsible farms in Gostwyck, Australia.  They also spin and dye their own yarn to make sure high standards are being carried out through the entire production process.


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